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Our Mission

To help: Owners discover the right tools to become confident handlers, so they can guide their dogs through real life situations; create more confident dogs who see the world as a less scary place; make training fun for everybody involved; provide training options that are easier to add into day-to-day life. To see more owners and their dogs enjoying time together.


Chelsey Parsons


Chelsey started working and training animals from a young age predominantly with horses. She has always had a passion for animals, and helping them work through their anxieties and fears. Her passion has led to her taking a special interest in dog training several years ago.

Following a motor vehicle accident in 2016, Chelsey had a long road to recovery. A year post accident she decided to try to find a dog who would help her recovery process; a dog who would join her while walking/exercising. She eventually found a pup who actually needed her. He was very underconfident, anxious, and reactive in many different situations. Searching for additional support for her and her pup, Chelsey successfully completed many dog training programs through reputable dog trainers both inside and outside the Okanagan.

When Chelsey’s dog, Bentley, was only a few months old, a local trainer who Chelsey had hired was impressed by the progress in Bentley who was a challenging dog with very specialized needs. The trainer noticed Chelsey’s ability, and suggested she consider a professional career in dog training. Later, this same trainer offered Chelsey a position to help with her classes and to job shadow, which Chelsey happily accepted.

When Bentley was four years old, Chelsey was working with another trainer from the Lower Mainland. Knowing where they had started, he also noticed how far Bentley had come. He had no prior knowledge about her thinking about becoming a dog trainer, nor prior knowledge about the other trainer’s offer. He asked if she had ever considered dog training as a career, and offered her a spot in the dog trainer’s course he created.

Chelsey continues to research dog psychology and behaviour, breeds/breeding, and genetics, while taking additional courses to enhance her already extensive knowledge.

Understanding how genetics affect behaviour, how individual dogs learn, and the way disabilities can be worked around with both people and dogs. Knowing how to incorporate fun to make training more effective for dogs and their owners. Realizing the importance of owners showing confidence in their handling skills, and why it positively affects the dog’s confidence, etc. Gives her an advantage when helping owners and their pups navigate through real life situations and challenges. She now predominantly focuses on dogs who see the world as a scary place, reactivity, aggression, and behaviour cases. “No Bad Paws” was inspired by her own dog, as she believes there are no bad dogs. There are only dogs who struggle with the world around them, who need help, patience, guidance, and training.

Chelsey has established a solid reputation for being able to understand and assist dogs with difficult behaviours, helping to relieve stress and improve the relationship between owners and their dogs. Chelsey helps bring whole new meaning to, “Man’s best friend”.

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Why Choose the PawPrint Method?

Like you, your dog is an individual. Customized programs help accommodate their needs and allows them to reach their full potential. We offer balance-based training programs. Since birth your dog has learnt many things through cause and effect. This is a basic survival skill and therefore a type of learning they readily understand. They have also been learning through corrections and paw-sitive reinforcement from their mother and siblings. At PawPrint Method we build on this way of learning and help your dog by using clear directions and guidance they already understand. By using a balanced training approach, we can customize our programs to suit both you and your dog’s needs, while getting results.  We don’t try to fit you or your dog into a box.

We make training fun and easier to add into day-to-day life. Get in touch to ask us how!

All of our programs and services are personalized to your dog and your needs. Most clients begin with an initial consultation to discuss the most suitable approach for their dog. You can also be notified of upcoming group classes or new programs by joining our mailing list.