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We’re here to help! At PawPrint Method we believe there are “No Bad Paws” – only paws that need more training support & help to reach their full potential.

Obedience Training"No Bad Paws" Programs

At PawPrint Method Dog Training we specialize in customized programs to fit your unique dog’s needs.  We offer a variety of services and programs to support you and your dog.  Your dog is part of your family and deserves training that takes into consideration their genetics, personality traits, what they need, and what you and your family needs.

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Featured Services

Obedience Programs

Do you have a good handle on basic obedience?

When your dog knows all, or most of their basics, you only have to say a command once for them to respond.
No repetition necessary.

If you know your dog could benefit from Obedience Training, contact us to learn about our different programs.

”No Bad Paws” Behaviour Programs

Do you feel embarrassed about dog’s behaviour?

If you’re frustrated with how your dog is behaving around other pets & people then it’s time for behaviour modification. If your dog is jumping, pulling on the leash, barking too much, etc. we can show you how to improve your dog’s behaviour.

Book a Consultation to discuss your training needs.

your new best friend

You’re ready for a new four-legged pal. We can help you navigate you through the process of how to choose the right fit for you and your lifestyle.

Right Start Puppy Preschool

Get your pup off to the right start so they begin to build confidence, learn proper socialization and how to be a good pet citizen.

"No bad paws" Reactive Therapy

Reactive dogs require specialized attention to help address why they are expressing reactive behaviour.

All of our programs and services are personalized to your dog and your needs. Most clients begin with an initial consultation to discuss the most suitable approach for their dog. You can also be notified of upcoming group classes or new programs by joining our mailing list.

About our trainer

Chelsey started working and training animals from a young age predominantly with horses. She has always had a passion for animals, and helping them work through their anxieties and fears. Her passion led to her taking a special interest in dog training about 5+ years ago.

Why Choose The PawPrint Method?

Like you, your dog is an individual who needs a customized course to accommodate their needs and to reach their potential. We’re a balanced-based training program. Since birth your dog has been taught many things through cause and effect. It’s a basic survival skill…

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